Reinforcement Bars & Mesh

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West Hoxton Home Hardware provides a wide range of steel reinforcement and concrete tools and concrete supplies. We have extensive knowledge of concrete and reinforcement, we can provide owner builders, small concreters to bigger concreters. We also provide scheduling for housing, commercial and industrial for your jobs.

We can provide you with advice and pricing from items like mesh for driveways or tench mesh for footings, to detailed extensive reinforcement for suspended slabs. We can also help you with any reinforcement and mesh for new house slabs, footing and piers. We can work out plans for you just email us or come and visit our store and we’ll work it out for you.

  • Mesh SL 62 RIO 6m X 2.4m
  • Mesh SL 72 RIO 6m X 2.4m
  • Mesh SL 72 RIO 6m X 2.4m
  • Mesh SL 92 RIO 6m X 2.4m
  • Mesh SL 102 RIO 6m X 2.4m
  • Ute Mesh SL 62 RIO 4m X 2m
  • Ute mesh SL 72 RIO 4m X 2m
  • Ute mesh SL 82 RIO 4m X 2m
  • Trench mesh 3 Bar 8Tm, 11Tm, 12Tm 6m X 200mm
  • Trench mesh 4 Bar 8Tm, 11Tm, 12Tm 6m X 300mm
  • Reinforcement bar 12mm X 6m
  • Reinforcement bar 16mm X 6m
  • Reinforcement bar 20mm X 6m
  • Concenters Plastic 4m X 50m
  • Bondeck .6mm, .75mm, 1mm

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